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Say “I DO” To a Personalized Marriage Ceremony

The day you marry someone, you make some of the most personal, sacred and cherished memories of your life. The ceremony itself should serve as a foundation for those memories rest upon. Every aspect of your ceremony — from readings to music to rituals to the exchange of rings — should be a reflection of you and the person you’ve chosen to share your life. Your friends may talk for weeks about how wonderful the food or the music was at your reception; your family may talk for weeks about how beautiful or handsome you were, but you and your new spouse will talk about things related to your relationship for a lifetime. Make sure those discussions are anchored in a ceremony that recognizes and celebrates your love for one another and all that makes your relationship unique.

Together, you and I can come up with dozens of other ways to customize your wedding ceremony. Remember, your future is unique to you and the person you‘ve chosen to share it. Don’t risk your future by basing it on words and rituals that have little or no personal significance to you.

The Celebrant USA Foundation & Institute offers these suggestions for personalizing your ceremony:

Tell Your Personal Stories
How did you two meet? What convinced each of you that you were in love? Have your Celebrant add details like these to the text of your ceremony.

Honor the People Who are Important to You
Take time to reflect on your relationship with the person who will walk
you down the aisle. Have your Celebrant include an amusing story
about it or express your thanks to that person during the ceremony.
Wear a family heirloom and ask your Celebrant to mention it during your ceremony.
Have a family member read a favorite poem or present their personal good wishes as part of your ceremony.

Celebrate Your Heritages
Base your wedding theme on a color or pattern that is indicative of
your heritage. Ask your Celebrant to research wedding elements that
are traditional in each of your families’ cultures or religions.

Symbolize Your Unity
Exchange gifts or share food to symbolize your promises to care for
one another. You can repeat this ritual every year on your anniversary
to remind you of the joy you felt on your wedding day and of the
commitment you made to each other.

These ideas can also be used for Vow Renewal or Anniversary celebrations.